New England Pier Corporation provides innovative, ecologically responsible products and services to maintain the historic and pristine character of our coastal waterways in New England.
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ECO-friendly MARINE pilingS that outperform wood pilings

EcoPiling is the first piling that is truly engineered for the marine construction industry. It is designed to outlast all other pilings, and to meet all the rigors of harsh marine construction and is engineered for the exacting needs of piers and docks. The EcoPile is the most environmentally friendly option when selecting a piling for your project, and it is also the most economical over your structure's lifetime. Contact us to learn more about EcoPiling products and services.

EcoPiling eco-friendly composite piling, piling replacement and restoration


revolutionary, eco-friendly marine piling restoration and preservation solution

There has never been an easier way to preserve and repair rotting marine pilings than by using the EcoJacket. Using its patent pending design, the highly durable, UV-protected, PVC-based product simply affixes over an existing piling and locks together. The next step is to fill it with concrete and you’re done. No more spending thousands of dollars and waiting weeks on expensive barges, cranes or heavy equipment. Thanks to our innovative EcoJacket design, there is now a better method of dock piling repair. Contact us to learn more about EcoJacket products and services.

EcoJacket restores and preserves rotting pilings.


make toxic wooden MARINE pilings eco-friendly and long lasting

The EcoSleeve provides exceptional marine piling protection throughout its lifetime. The EcoSleeve is a marine piling that is comprised of a standard CCA treated piling that is completely enclosed within durable and UV protected PVC sleeve.  The EcoSleeve is heat shrunk to the piling with no seams.  No water ever has a chance to touch the wood as there are no holes or points of failure, unlike the thin black plastic wrap. The EcoSleeve is ideal because wood destroying organisms cannot penetrate the impermeable and durable PVC. Contact us to learn more about EcoSleeve products and services.

EcoWrap is an innovative solution to preserve traditional wood pilings and prevent them from leaching harmful chemicals into our fresh and salt water bodies.

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